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The leading platform for mastery-based adaptive learning.

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Our Mission

To transform and make learning accessible to all through the use of best-in-class technology.                          

Our Story

In 2011, the entrepreneurial duo, Bharat Kumar and Maya Gadde, established ScootPad, introducing the world’s first adaptive learning platform based on mastery for the K-12 market. Their collective passion and vision for revolutionizing learning with top-tier technology laid the foundation for the launch of the edaptAI platform for higher education in 2018.


Bharat Kumar and Maya Gadde, based in Silicon Valley, established ScootPad, a K-12 learning platform that focuses on mastery through adaptive learning.

2012 - 2014

Launched elementary grades K-5 on the ScootPad K-12 platform, reaching over a million students in more than 12,000 schools worldwide.

2015 - 2017

Launched middle school grades 6-8 on the ScootPad K-12 platform, introduced the SimplyAdaptive app for home-based learning, and expanded our reach to over 2 million students in more than 21,000 schools globally.

2018 - 2019

Introduced the edaptAI platform catered to the higher education market. Secured a strategic partnership with Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a national leader in post-secondary education, encompassing five higher education institutions to launch adaptive online courses.

2020 acquired the ScootPad K-12 platform and its associated K-12 business. Meanwhile, the edaptAI platform for higher education was spun off to form a new entity, edapt Technologies Inc., under the leadership of founders Bharat Kumar and Maya Gadde.

2021 - 2023

The edaptAI platform has catered to over 45,000 students through more than 12,000 course sessions, delivering over 200 million educational experiences and contributing to 2 million hours of student learning. The Efficacy Reports for 2022 and 2023 were released, showcasing the quantifiable influence of the edaptAI platform on student learning.

Our manifesto

Exceptional teams create exceptional products by encouraging a diversity of viewpoints, nurturing a culture of experimentation, learning swiftly, and iterating rapidly. Above all, they deeply understand their customers, striking a harmonious balance between innovation, customer success, and business value. Our guiding principles are:

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Stay Hungry

We advocate for a constant thirst for knowledge and a step-by-step pursuit of perfection.

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Embrace Honesty

We value expressing our thoughts openly without personal bias. We stand by doing what’s right, even if it leads us down a more challenging path.

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Remain Humble

We believe in humility, understanding that success is not the end and failure is not the ultimate defeat.

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Be Human

We believe in extending help and empathy to everyone around us, including our colleagues and customers.

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