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Create fully interactive digital learning experiences that engage learners in more ways.

Boasting over 60 pre-constructed item types and interactive elements spread across 10 categories, edaptAI paves the way for engaging learners from all backgrounds and proficiency levels. Ranging from technology-augmented constructed-response items to media-integrated interactive components, it offers an expanded palette for crafting resonant learning experiences. Plus, you can assess the aesthetics, user experience, and functionality with instantaneous previews.

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Target higher order critical thinking

edaptAI provides the capability to structure and coordinate your content in line with Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive thinking levels. This structure proves to be immensely beneficial for plotting learning progressions and fostering learners’ advanced critical thinking skills. Leveraging edaptAI’s technology-augmented constructed response formats, you can effortlessly create content to evaluate learners at each level.


User existing information to make something new

Invent, Develop, Design, Compose, Generate, Construct


Make judgements based on sound analysis

Assess, Judge, Defend, Prioritize, Critique, Recommend


Explore relationships, causes, and connections

Compare, Contrast, Categorize, Organize, Distinguish


User existing knowledge in new contexts

Practice, Calculate, Implement, Operate, Use, Illustrate


Grasp the meaning of something

Explain, Paraphrase, Report, Describe, Summarize


Retain and recall information

Reiterate, Memorize, Duplicate, Repeat, Identify


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