Dual Coding

— Dual Coding

Multimedia learning inspired by the principles of dual coding.

Designing instruction that utilizes both the visual and auditory processing capacities of the human brain can lead to more profound learning. The design of instruction should be attuned to human learning processes and should leverage the three principles of cognitive science learning, namely:

  • Dual channels - Humans have distinct channels for processing visual and verbal materials.
  • Limited capacity - Each channel can process only a limited amount of material at any given time.
  • Active processing - Profound learning is dependent on the learner’s cognitive processing during learning, such as selecting, organizing, and integrating.

edaptAI's pedagogy has incorporated dual coding techniques to deliver:

  • Instruction using high-quality video lessons.
  • Bite-sized lessons designed to optimize the limited capacity.
  • Problem-solving exercises following each video lesson to facilitate active processing and recall.

Our research into Dual Coding in the realm of cognitive science was inspired by ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning’ by Richard E. Mayer (2001)."


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