Data & Insights

— Data & insights

Turn insights into action with powerful analytics.

Our analytics offer in-depth understanding of learning performance and habits, enabling you to consistently enhance your course content and boost learning results.

— Learner engagement

Engage every student.

Construct engaging experiences that strike a chord and enhance learner interaction with relatable content. Keep track of the progress in learners’ overall engagement and delve into their time spent learning.

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— Learner performance

Empower instructors with real-time performance insights.

Equipped with our integrated analytics and live dashboards that offer potent insights into students’ learning patterns and content, you have the ability to assess the performance of an entire class or identify specific areas of difficulty for an individual student. This allows for swift intervention to optimize learning results.

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— Content management

Power-up your content team's productivity.

Empower your teams for success with streamlined workflows for both authors and reviewers. Simplify content management and instill confidence in authors to create and collaborate effectively.

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Enhance the effectiveness of your content.

Evaluate the successful aspects and identify the areas that need improvement with edaptAI’s exclusive item analysis features. Armed with comprehensive insights into content performance, you can discover avenues for ongoing content refinement to optimize learner results.

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