Pedagogy Overview

— Pedagogy overview

Backed by learning science research and powered by data-driven intelligence.

edaptAI was built from the ground up integrating proven strategies and learning methods backed by research, along with data-driven intelligence. This combination delivers a personalized mastery-learning experience that rivals the effectiveness of individual tutoring.

Our research advisors

The pedagogy powering edaptAI was developed in partnership with our esteemed research advisors from Stanford University.

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Dr. Emma Brunskill

Dr. Brunskill is a computer science professor at Stanford where she leads the AI lab and Statistical Machine Learning group. Her research focuses on reinforcement learning in high stakes scenarios.

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Dr. Karin Forssell

Dr. Forssell is the program director for the Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) program at Stanford. Her research focuses on the choices people make in learning about and using new digital tools.

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Dr. Rob Tibshirani

Dr. Tibshirani is a professor of statistics at Stanford where he leads research in data science and statistics. His research focuses on dealing with large amounts of data and separating out consistent patterns from the noise.


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