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Autonomous learning

edaptAI’s Adaptive Learning algorithm governs the complete learning journey, including the trajectory, speed, and intensity required for each learner to fully grasp all concepts. In contrast to other tools, edaptAI doesn’t operate on a predefined set of rules. Instead, it interprets incoming data and makes real-time decisions to tailor the learning path for each student, ensuring they master the course curriculum.

— Generative AI

Introducing "AI Assistant", a Generative AI tool transforming Course Development, launching soon.

AI Assistant offers a method to enhance your editing productivity and inventiveness with the help of AI capabilities. Designers have the ability to create fresh content and modify existing content using tailored queries, or by selecting an operation from a pre-established list of commands.


More AI features on our roadmap

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Generate Images

Generate images based on custom prompts or existing content.

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Chat with AI

Chat with AI about any content, using a convenient UI. Ask for suggestions, tips or anything.

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Check content quality with AI

Check content quality with AI to get a summary and any specific improvements.

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