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Purpose built to deliver impact, our platform enables continuous measurement and improvement of impact on learner outcomes.

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— Impact

Tried-and-true platform with measurable impact.

Specifically designed to enhance learner outcomes, edaptAI facilitates greater mastery attainment for all learners, with the most significant impact on those who find learning challenging.

— Impact on Mastery

Mastery efficacy.

Students achieved mastery 90% of the time on the platform.

edaptAI’s pedagogy, powered by mastery-learning and adaptive-learning, provides highly personalized learning experiences for each student. This approach significantly enhances student mastery performance, making it as effective as individual tutoring.

*Source: The edapt Efficacy Reports.

— Impact on Remediation

Remediation efficacy.

In 75% of cases, which equates to 3 out of 4 instances, students who initially found the material challenging were ultimately able to achieve mastery on the platform.

edaptAI’s unique ‘Recursive Bi-Directional Scaffolding’ teaching method provides an extremely effective approach to identifying and addressing knowledge gaps through smooth scaffolding and timely remediation.

* Source: The edapt Efficacy Reports.

— Impact on Remediation

Remediation impact.

An average score increase of 28% was observed as a direct result of remediation on the platform.

edaptAI has the most significant effect on those who find learning challenging. Students who initially struggled to grasp the content scored an average of 65% before remediation. After remediation, their scores rose to an average of 93%, reflecting an average score growth of 28%.

*Source: The edapt Efficacy Reports.


Effective knowledge gap remediation.

Three-quarters of the knowledge gaps identified on the platform have been effectively addressed and resolved.

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